Puppy Care

Getting your new puppy home has to be one of the most exciting days ever! But what happens when you have to go back to work on Monday?! It is absolutely crucial to start socialising your puppy as soon as they’ve had their set of injections, and they can’t be left on their own at home all day.
We can take care of this for you so you are free to get on with your daily working life while your puppy is being well cared for by us! Once your pup has had their injections, we will come and pick your puppy up and take them out into the big wide world to start socialising them with people, traffic and most importantly- other dogs. We handpick friendly dogs for your puppy to make friends with and to learn from, and introduce them to as many different situations as possible. We will start working on recall - and they will quickly be able to play and explore off lead in complete safety.
Our visits will break up your puppy’s day and tire them out, so they will sleep the afternoon away until you come home. This is also a good way to build up your puppy’s ability to be left alone as they will be rewarded with a big chunk of fun- teaching them to be comfortable on their own and removing the chance of separation anxiety developing. Our puppy walks also include feeding them their lunch when they get home.
Our rates are £10 per walk.